It’s not the lack of, It’s the doing it anyway that will get you there…

Fear… Stupid four letter word. Makes we want to vomit when i think about the power it has over so many of us. Myself included..  (until now).  Being a Coach, a Medium and a Practitioner of Natural medicine and Metaphysics you would think that with ALL this knowledge and understanding and healing work that I would be Fear Free! I mean come on. I freedomam the one who is sharing with everyone all of my energy techniques, all of the message from guides and even the herbal remedies and  to help ameliorate the symptoms. I am full of all that knowledge, all that understanding, all that guidance and still… i can’t get my self on to an airplane?  20 years i have been circumnavigating the globe to get from point A to point B via ship.  A trip that takes the average person 12  hours takes me 6 days. I would solace myself in the enjoyment of the romance and the beauty of the trip. I am not going to lie, traveling my ship is one of my favorite things to do and will continue to be. However there is a big difference between doing something out of the sheer love of it and out of necessity. Taking the ship everywhere went from being shameful and embarrassing to becoming my emblematic badge i wore. People were fascinated by my ingenuity and ability to not let a little thing like claustrophobia keep me from seeing the world.

This last trip though…  this was the one to change it all.  I was making my usual journey  two days of driving from Florida to NY, a couple days in NY to see clients, then a ship for 6 days from NY to the UK, then a few days in the UK to see clients, then a train ride to the Ferry from England to Holland, a 17 hour train ride (with one switch) to get to Austria, a few days in Austria to see friends, then a 20 hour train ride from Austria to Romania. There we had a brilliant 7 day retreat where people came from around the world (none by ship) to take part. We had folks from the US, the UK, Jordan, Australia, etc etc.  There i was helping to grow and expand their minds, bringing them to a place of removing their blocks and allowing in their light. I could feel myself shifting. It is the gift of being a coach as that every time we coach others we are always coaching ourselves simultaneously.

I saw an amazing woman who did a Shamanic treatment on me too (write me if you would like her info) and i could feel as if a layer of skin that had been on me my whole life was gently being pulled away and i became lighter.. I even wept as if this layer which was so obviously hindering me felt as well as if it was protecting me..  The duality of fear – that which stops us, but we also believe keeps us safe. Is that not why we hold on to the fear.. because letting go might in some way make us vulnerable or harmed in some way?

After our wonderful retreat came to a close i found myself harrying to the train station to once again make the journey back to Austria. Only this time there was a four hour delay in a tiny city which had just a small room with no doors and temperatures in the 50’s. I sat there with my laptop and my winter coat, gloves, hat and scarf on, watching movies on my laptop and praying for the train to come. Once it arrived it was once again a day’s journey until i reached Vienna. There i had 2 days until another 20 hour train ride to Rome. Finally i made it to the return ship. Now it would be only another 14 days until i was back in Florida. Sadly, this was the only ship that fit my timing. By day 2 i already wanted to be back home. Staring up at the vast sky i reminded myself that were i in a plane i would have been home 2 days ago. The travel of beauty and opulence became my gilded cage for the fortnight.

Once upon land i promised myself i would enter the 21st century (hell, the 20th century) and one again get on that plane. Let me explain it not a fear of flying, i think flying is WAY safer than driving any day of the week (especially in Florida). It is the claustrophobia. That intense pressure in your chest when you feel your own personal fear taking grip of your body and mind. I had racked my brain for decades asking how to rid myself of this fear, how do i let it go, i used to fly (i was always fearful), but i did it. How, how, how??  Shifting my mindset, visualization, breathing, reading, studying, coaching, being coached, etc….

Then in one moment of meditation and release the answer stood before me. You are focusing on the wrong expectation. What if you don’t try to rid yourself of the fear. What if you just let it be and focus instead on you going through the motions of everything with no expectation around the fear, just the expectation of taking the trip.

An hour later i booked my flight. I gave myself 2 weeks in advance.

I made sure i told everyone i knew so that there would be no backing down. Accountability is the backbone of the success in the work i do. Every time a worrisome thought entered my head i just came back to the now. Am i getting on the plane now? NO.. so what am i doing now? I am packing! Then focus on that.  Am i getting on the plane now? NO.. so what am i doing? I am having dinner.. so focus on that now..

This went on every day for two weeks. I went to a friend of mine and i got a prescription for valium. Just in case. Believe me as a practitioner of holistic medicine, i had it all, st johns wort, baldrian, valerian, kava kava,  rescue remedy, just to name a few. Lavender oil to inhale and every acupressure technique memorized.

I will be honest, because i want everyone else to know what i did and not be ashamed for feel that they cannot do this to. At the airport my fight or flight kicked in. Everything inside me said flight.. and i dont mean on the plane! I was ready to take off running. Although i had a cocktail of homeopathic relaxants that should have taken down an elephant, my heart was beating out of my chest, my hands were shaking, my chest was tight and i felt waves of nausea.  I reached for a valium.. scared of its affects for a girl who has only taken a tylenol with codine once in her life and that made her ill.  So i took the little tiny pill, hard to imagine such a little spec of nothing could do anything. Cut the pill in half and swallowed it down with water and awaited my next move.

I garnered my strength got up and went to the security line. Everyone had told me so many stories about removing shoes and going through radiation causing devices and being pat down, etc etc..  The universe was kind to me this day. Didnt have to even remove my laptop out of my bag. Didnt take off a shoe. Didnt get pat down. Didnt go into a device. Just walked through the x-ray and was handed back all my items.

I felt the medication kick in as my arms and legs grew heavy and i felt as if i had run a mile. My breathing slowed down, the pain in my chest loosened and i realized that i was just an observer watching this woman go on a plane ride.  There she was, just sitting there calmly, looking around, taking it all in, almost excited about the adventure ahead.

Boarding was called and this woman got up and got in line. Walking around and just seeing the world with wonder and awe of all the new technologies and sleek designs she had not seen 20 years prior. A friendly flight attendant welcomed her on board and told her where to go.  An equally friendly woman in the window seat welcomed her to their row. They would have an empty seat between them for the whole journey allowing them both a little extra space to stretch out as well. She put her carry on in the overhead bin and her laptop bag by her feet below. She was amazed at the enormous amount of space she felt she had. If this was economy, she would be swimming in business!  There was so much to see, touchscreens on every seat with all sorts of amusing things. You could see where the flight was and all pertinent information about the journey, there was a button to call the attendant, turn on the light, adjust the air con, there were movies and shows and games and even an onboard electronic magazine for buying things!! It was miraculous. There was so much to see and do there was an excitement all around. The plane began to taxi and she even forgot to think about the door that was sealing her in that had caused her so much fear and anxiety before. She pulled out her mp3 player and carefully selected the song she had chosen for her inaugural flight. As the music started to play in her ears she could feel the plane start to pick up speed.. there was a feeling of exhilaration and anticipation as they began to go faster and faster. Prior to the trip she had believed that to look out the window would cause her panic and distress, but in this moment she was filled with wonder and awe… The plane started to take off and the feeling of leaving the ground was exhilarating. In all the fear about being in an enclosed space, she had forgotten how much she loved the feeling of going fast and soaring into the sky. By half of the cruising altitude there was a view outside the window of the clouds below and the setting sun. She snapped a photo quickly to remember this beautiful moment.  Then there was no longer the necessity to be an outside observer..

I sat there again. Looking around at everyone and feeling so joyful at my decision. Could you believe it? In only 10 hours i would be in Vienna. Not in a day or two or 4 or 6. In just ten hours. I felt like H G Wells’ Time Traveler. Wow..  we had accomplished this. A journey of days in mere hours.

I partook in everything i could.  Drank lovely water, ate lovely food, watched lovely movies. I listened to music, i tried to rest, i watched the plane’s journey from the magical screen before me and could still not believe that the hours were ticking away so quickly till i would be in Vienna. Amazing!!!  I would leave in the night and arrive in the morning. All was so smooth and beautiful. The terrifying sounds of the rushing of  air outside the  planes of the past which echoed in the memory of fear were no longer there, the smell of jet fuel that had meant for me the entry into an un-openable cage were not detectable, the imagery of being crushed up against people with no room to breathe was non existent. It was pleasant, it was amazing, it was fun.

We already began our descent. I could hear the landing gear coming down and i felt giddy with delight to see us come back to Earth again. I saw us passing back through the clouds and soon the city of Vienna before me, my city, my heart’s home, the place i love to be more than anywhere.. just moments in front of me..  We gently kissed the ground and i wanted to get up and applaud the Pilot for his brilliance in landing this amazing machine. Never once did i worry about my ability to breathe, the desire to open a window or door to escape or even count the hours until i could get out.

I left the plane leisurely and without haste. Bidding my row mate a good day and excited to get back into the city.  I got off the plane and entered the airport. Only hours ago i was in Florida. Now i was here. Amazing. I traveled through time. I had done what i believed to be impossible for 2 decades.

If i can do it. So can you.

Don’t try and rid yourself of your fear. Let it be. Be witness to it and when you can take the opportunity to show your fear that you can have way more fun with adventure by your side as your new best friend.

In four days i am taking another flight from Vienna to Romania. I have already booked it with no fear or hesitation. I dont plan on taking any pills this time. Who needs to numb the feeling of excitement and anticipation?

May this story inspire you to push through your fear, whatever they may be. Do not pressure yourself to stop feeling the fear. Just let yourself experience that which you have been lacking for so long.  My life will change now. The whole world has opened up to me in ways i could not imagine only weeks ago.

And to be honest still, I am now considering taking on a 35 hour a month flight attendant position, just to get the benefits of free travel world wide. No joke!!!!

So be scared, be frightened, be anxious, be terrified… but do it anyway..

May love and light bless you wherever (and however) you may journey

Dawn April




The Art of Unconditional Living

woman-570883_960_720From the time that we are born and throughout most of our lives we are told that everything we do in life has a consequence to it. We are drilled in this over and over again that A plus B equals C. There is a sense of logic to it, and we believe that we are given evidence of this over and over again in our lifetime. So why should we question it?

However, what if there is a different way of looking at life? What if we could turn the formula around? Instead of saying that A plus B equals C, what if we said that I will align myself with C and then A and B will come naturally?

How much more could we manifest and how much more quickly?

I will explain…

There are many people who believe that if they just could get another job, find a partner, make a lot of money, etc. then they would be happy, then they would feel complete, then they would be stress free… and so on. The truth is that the desire to have things or situations is normal and natural, but to believe that upon these conditions THEN you will feel a desired way, will only slow down your manifestation of them. So how do we change our behavior in order to feel the happiness we so desire?

To begin with it is important to realize that the universe is always reacting to how we FEEL, not what we say. People often try to use affirmations as a way of trying to bring about the changes they want in their life. However, to say an affirmation but not feel that it is true will only have the opposite effect as is desired. As an example, when I work with individuals to help them lose weight, I am often told that part of their past methods have to been to look in the mirror and say such affirmations such as, “I am thin”, “I am healthy”, “I am beautiful”. I ask them if they truly believe the things which they are saying and every time I hear “no!”. Since the universe responds to how we are feeling rather then what we are saying then this method is not very effective. There is of course truth to the power of autosuggestion, however it can take much longer if one does not believe the suggestion in the first place.

A small tweak to this practice can start to shift the energy in the right direction. Instead of saying “I am thin”, (and thinking to oneself I am feeling so fat and unattractive) we say “I am so grateful that each day I am on my way to having a body I love and feel comfortable in”. Instead of saying, “I am healthy” (but really thinking, I feel sick and unwell), we say “ I am so grateful that each day I see more and more evidence of my improving health”. Instead of saying “I am beautiful”, (but really feeling unhappy and unworthy of attention), we say “I am so grateful that each day I learn to discover my beauty and learn to love myself more and more. Now that is something one can believe! Once we tell our conscious mind that we are in the process of receiving these feelings we are grateful for, the subconscious mind will work all day to bring us the evidence of it. Each day we are one step closer to the outcome we desire, regardless of the conditions we believe need to exist in advance.

When we change our self-speak, whether it is in a daily affirmation or just in a general, we start to align ourselves with that which we most desire. This happens before the weight loss, new job, new partner or any other such condition occurs.

The true outcome which we desire in the condition which we ask for is just a better place of feeling; feeling stress free, feeling happy, feeling complete, feeling healthy, etc. However instead of asking for A +B to give us C, what if we focus only on C directly and then let A and B come as they may?

In our example with the weight loss, if we begin to start feeling more beautiful, more healthy, more loving about our body first, then we bring to us the evidence of what we now believe is our truth. Through this simple modification in our thought energy, our alignment with the feeling we wish to have then brings the conditions we were hoping for initially. Feeling beautiful brings the weight loss, feeling complete brings the partner, feeling stress free brings the job and so on.

So now it is time to stop living conditionally. Decide today to wake up and tell yourself that you are grateful for the progress you are seeing in bringing the things you wish for closer each day. Then let go and allow the universe to bring you the evidence of it. Don’t wait for evidence first to start feeling the way you want to feel, start feeling that way now!

If you want to feel healthy, give thanks for the health coming your way and make decisions throughout the day of what you would do if you believed you were heathy now. If you want to feel success, give gratitude daily for the success you see coming daily and choose to live each day as if success was already in your lap. If you want to feel the love of a partner then give thanks for the love daily that you are receiving and do the things you would do now as if you already were feeling this love.


Nothing ventured…

There is that old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  It is easy to say, but harder to live by.  There are so many ways that we try to be safe, to protect ourselves and to make sure that we are always being “realistic”.  Does that mean that we should always to everything without a thought about the future or our safety? Of course not. However it does mean that sometimes you have to take a risk if you really want the reward.

This is true in every aspect of life. Today however i am talking about love. If you have a love that has ended (whether you are the end-er or the end-ee) It is never easy to try and open up again.  Love that has ended must be treated as a death. We must bury it and mourn it and then let it go.  These are stages which are important and need to be respected.  The wonderful part of all of this is that in the letting go, what we are really doing is making space for something else to come in.  Now of course what you let in is of your choosing. The universe will present to you many different options. Each option has a different purpose. There are those options which you have which will be ones to help you learn a lesson (perhaps one which you have not already learned and there for  you will choose this option to repeat said lesson until it is learned) or there are those options which are meant for you to choose to bring you to your higher and best good as well, but in a more (shall we say) pleasant way 🙂

Either way..  whatever comes to you and in whatever timing it comes. Do not question it. Do not analyze it until you have beaten it into the ground as something you cannot identify any longer.  Just let things flow to you and then you make the call to jump or pass. It does not mean that another opportunity will not come. It simply means that an opportunity is here for you to choose.

So when you are ready – open your mind, open your heart and open your soul. I know it sounds scary because there is also that chance for hurt. However, “nothing ventured… nothing gained”

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT!!


Amazing things are yet to come!


So often I have clients who come to me seeking support and help in times where there is great change. I use the word change, but often they use the word ending. It could be the ending of a relationship, the ending of a job, the ending of a life. In reality however there is no real ending, as we are always moving toward the next phase.
Even when it feels as if there is a great ending that you must now be accepting, I proposed to focus instead on all that is yet to come rather than that which is no more.
All that we have is now. And focusing on what was will change nothing and focusing on what might be is not yet written.
So it is my heartfelt suggestion to you today whether you are facing an ending of something unexpected or you are considering an ending soon. Focus not on that which was, but rather face the new day with great expectation of some wonderful half which the universe has laid out for you. Have nothing but faith that all will be well and you are always being moved to your highest and best good. Faith is the ability to believe even when you don’t have the physical evidence before you.
So take this day to see that whatever in your life currently is finishing is really truly the beginning of something amazing yet to come.

What if???


What if we got up each day and really really decided to be the maker of our reality? What if we turned back the dial in our mind to a time when jumping from couch to chair in the living room  as not to fall into the molten “lava” bellow was just normal for the day? What if we chose to consistently find the good in EVERYTHING, much to the annoyance of several people around us? What if we decided to just FEEL happy even when there are situations around us which other people wish us to label as bad or hard or negative? What if we wake up and just say our gratitude for the great day ahead as if we already had it? What if we just accept reality as just being a place where everything goes well for me all the time? What if we choose to just not focus on the things which seem out of alignment with our energy? What if we decide instead to focus on all the positives, the solutions and the good feeling thoughts? What if my reality becomes whatever i choose it to be and “what is” is whatever i say it is?
What if i started now?
What if i just chose one thought right now that feels better?
What if i smile for no reason?
What if it is all up to me?
If the answer to any of these questions results in an answer that feels magical and joyful… then choose to shift your reality today.

Sending You All Love and Light from my wonderful reality to yours…


How do you answer goodbye with hello?

To allsaying goodbye of my brothers and sisters out there who are trying to decide if it is time to leave that relationship, know that the timing is whenever you know it is right. There is no one who can tell you when it is your time to go. Even if you look back years later and say “i should have left earlier” don’t beat yourself up over it. One – going in the past is unchangeable anyway and  Two – we are always making the best decisions we can with the information we have at that time. So let everything flow in a way that feels right to you. Above all else decide from a place of love NOT fear and hold this mantra to your heart. “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.  All your friends were strangers before you met them and if you are looking to make some friends then look around at all who you don’t know yet as potentials.

Let this new year be your best year and live in the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Just because we may not see it now doesn’t mean a beautiful and WONDERFUL surprise isn’t waiting for us. Don’t envision what could happen in the negative instead ask yourself what could happen if everything goes right???

Is it time for a new hello? Then allow yourself to say goodbye…

All is well.



positive thinking step one


so the other day we talked about being able to be positive. The question is how to me do this. So here is a tool to help out. If we really really stretch online to try and see the good in anything even the act of doing this will begin to pull the light out of the darkness. And once we start focusing on the life of vibration will pull more light and joy and blessings to us. So practice today. Whether you stub your toe or lose $100 try and find the good in this and if you do you will be well on your way!