What if???


What if we got up each day and really really decided to be the maker of our reality? What if we turned back the dial in our mind to a time when jumping from couch to chair in the living room  as not to fall into the molten “lava” bellow was just normal for the day? What if we chose to consistently find the good in EVERYTHING, much to the annoyance of several people around us? What if we decided to just FEEL happy even when there are situations around us which other people wish us to label as bad or hard or negative? What if we wake up and just say our gratitude for the great day ahead as if we already had it? What if we just accept reality as just being a place where everything goes well for me all the time? What if we choose to just not focus on the things which seem out of alignment with our energy? What if we decide instead to focus on all the positives, the solutions and the good feeling thoughts? What if my reality becomes whatever i choose it to be and “what is” is whatever i say it is?
What if i started now?
What if i just chose one thought right now that feels better?
What if i smile for no reason?
What if it is all up to me?
If the answer to any of these questions results in an answer that feels magical and joyful… then choose to shift your reality today.

Sending You All Love and Light from my wonderful reality to yours…



How do you answer goodbye with hello?

To allsaying goodbye of my brothers and sisters out there who are trying to decide if it is time to leave that relationship, know that the timing is whenever you know it is right. There is no one who can tell you when it is your time to go. Even if you look back years later and say “i should have left earlier” don’t beat yourself up over it. One – going in the past is unchangeable anyway and  Two – we are always making the best decisions we can with the information we have at that time. So let everything flow in a way that feels right to you. Above all else decide from a place of love NOT fear and hold this mantra to your heart. “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.  All your friends were strangers before you met them and if you are looking to make some friends then look around at all who you don’t know yet as potentials.

Let this new year be your best year and live in the hope of a brighter tomorrow. Just because we may not see it now doesn’t mean a beautiful and WONDERFUL surprise isn’t waiting for us. Don’t envision what could happen in the negative instead ask yourself what could happen if everything goes right???

Is it time for a new hello? Then allow yourself to say goodbye…

All is well.



positive thinking step one


so the other day we talked about being able to be positive. The question is how to me do this. So here is a tool to help out. If we really really stretch online to try and see the good in anything even the act of doing this will begin to pull the light out of the darkness. And once we start focusing on the life of vibration will pull more light and joy and blessings to us. So practice today. Whether you stub your toe or lose $100 try and find the good in this and if you do you will be well on your way!

what if nothing negative ever happened…


This week if there is ANYTHING i cam share with all whom i meet it is the great joy in discovering that the only things in life we believe to be negative are those things which we assign a negative label. What if we were to shift our belief today that EVERYTHING which happens is always a blessing because it is forcing ua to change in a way which can only bring us to our higher good. Give it a try! Let the universe bring you what it will and be prepared to find the blessing in ALL!!


This morning i came across this lovely saying in a fantastic book which my sister sent me years ago. It is as true today as it was for many years.  I believe if we would all practice these tips for beauty we would make the WORLD a more beautiful place. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and hope that you are able to find the beauty in all that you see…

Why make the effort?


Really.. i don’t mean it sarcastically i mean it literally. Most of us spend time making effort after effort to change things, to change situations and worst of all to change people! It is not the problems that need fixing, it is the way we are thinking about it that does. Sometimes just a simple shift in the way we look at a problem could result in the instant evaporation of the problem itself.

So the next time you are faced with a big problem, instead of freaking out and springing into action right away, take some time. Meditate on it. Sleep on it. Visualize the outcome that you want to have. FEEL the outcome that you want to have.

If the problem hasn’t fixed itself by then, then ask your higher self what the path is to take. That will at least be the one of less resistance!



Let your goal today to be every conversation and thought to only concern itself with health, happiness and prosperty. Through this will you enjoy peace of mind 🙂 No matter how much anyone wants to vent, argue, compare scars.. Let the words that leave your lips only be about health happiness and prosperty. “I know you can do it, you’ll be feeling better soon, i trust that you’ll make the right decisions, i am feeling great, abundance is all around, etc…” Let these be your words of choice and enjoy a happier, brighter day…