Who do i want to be?

Ever since i came to Turkey i am amazed to see how many people are ao concerned by what they think others think of them. From their clothes, to their car, to the way they think and speak. I am sure this is not only isolated to Turkey, but it has just become something that here, cannot go unnoticed. 

It makes me sad to see so many people living out fake lives through instagram, facebook, snapchat, etc. All trying to make themselves and their life look “better” than what they think they have. They crave “likes” and “followers” to validate themselves. They change their image to look the way they think people want to see them, stand in front of cars they don’t own, pretend to be out at the best clubs and restaurants, all to hope to spark jealousy in those around them. I know there has always been the “keeping up with the Jones'” philosophy, but at least they actually HAD a new car in the driveway.. Now it is whose fake life can beat whose fake life.

I just want to put this out there today if you are reading this.. please just be you. be the you who YOU want to be. Don’t pretend to be something you are not, bit strive to be your best self. True happiness is not found in these superficial practices, but in the joy of accomplishment, helping others, making the world better, learning, growing and having beautiful experiences that enrich our lives.

So please, put the phone down today. Eat your delicious meal without taking a pic to share with the world, don’t make a selfie today, don’t post pics, just be in the moment. Just enjoy your life. Remember who you ARE now and be proud of them. 

Today.. just be.


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