The Art of Unconditional Living

woman-570883_960_720From the time that we are born and throughout most of our lives we are told that everything we do in life has a consequence to it. We are drilled in this over and over again that A plus B equals C. There is a sense of logic to it, and we believe that we are given evidence of this over and over again in our lifetime. So why should we question it?

However, what if there is a different way of looking at life? What if we could turn the formula around? Instead of saying that A plus B equals C, what if we said that I will align myself with C and then A and B will come naturally?

How much more could we manifest and how much more quickly?

I will explain…

There are many people who believe that if they just could get another job, find a partner, make a lot of money, etc. then they would be happy, then they would feel complete, then they would be stress free… and so on. The truth is that the desire to have things or situations is normal and natural, but to believe that upon these conditions THEN you will feel a desired way, will only slow down your manifestation of them. So how do we change our behavior in order to feel the happiness we so desire?

To begin with it is important to realize that the universe is always reacting to how we FEEL, not what we say. People often try to use affirmations as a way of trying to bring about the changes they want in their life. However, to say an affirmation but not feel that it is true will only have the opposite effect as is desired. As an example, when I work with individuals to help them lose weight, I am often told that part of their past methods have to been to look in the mirror and say such affirmations such as, “I am thin”, “I am healthy”, “I am beautiful”. I ask them if they truly believe the things which they are saying and every time I hear “no!”. Since the universe responds to how we are feeling rather then what we are saying then this method is not very effective. There is of course truth to the power of autosuggestion, however it can take much longer if one does not believe the suggestion in the first place.

A small tweak to this practice can start to shift the energy in the right direction. Instead of saying “I am thin”, (and thinking to oneself I am feeling so fat and unattractive) we say “I am so grateful that each day I am on my way to having a body I love and feel comfortable in”. Instead of saying, “I am healthy” (but really thinking, I feel sick and unwell), we say “ I am so grateful that each day I see more and more evidence of my improving health”. Instead of saying “I am beautiful”, (but really feeling unhappy and unworthy of attention), we say “I am so grateful that each day I learn to discover my beauty and learn to love myself more and more. Now that is something one can believe! Once we tell our conscious mind that we are in the process of receiving these feelings we are grateful for, the subconscious mind will work all day to bring us the evidence of it. Each day we are one step closer to the outcome we desire, regardless of the conditions we believe need to exist in advance.

When we change our self-speak, whether it is in a daily affirmation or just in a general, we start to align ourselves with that which we most desire. This happens before the weight loss, new job, new partner or any other such condition occurs.

The true outcome which we desire in the condition which we ask for is just a better place of feeling; feeling stress free, feeling happy, feeling complete, feeling healthy, etc. However instead of asking for A +B to give us C, what if we focus only on C directly and then let A and B come as they may?

In our example with the weight loss, if we begin to start feeling more beautiful, more healthy, more loving about our body first, then we bring to us the evidence of what we now believe is our truth. Through this simple modification in our thought energy, our alignment with the feeling we wish to have then brings the conditions we were hoping for initially. Feeling beautiful brings the weight loss, feeling complete brings the partner, feeling stress free brings the job and so on.

So now it is time to stop living conditionally. Decide today to wake up and tell yourself that you are grateful for the progress you are seeing in bringing the things you wish for closer each day. Then let go and allow the universe to bring you the evidence of it. Don’t wait for evidence first to start feeling the way you want to feel, start feeling that way now!

If you want to feel healthy, give thanks for the health coming your way and make decisions throughout the day of what you would do if you believed you were heathy now. If you want to feel success, give gratitude daily for the success you see coming daily and choose to live each day as if success was already in your lap. If you want to feel the love of a partner then give thanks for the love daily that you are receiving and do the things you would do now as if you already were feeling this love.



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