Nothing ventured…

There is that old saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.  It is easy to say, but harder to live by.  There are so many ways that we try to be safe, to protect ourselves and to make sure that we are always being “realistic”.  Does that mean that we should always to everything without a thought about the future or our safety? Of course not. However it does mean that sometimes you have to take a risk if you really want the reward.

This is true in every aspect of life. Today however i am talking about love. If you have a love that has ended (whether you are the end-er or the end-ee) It is never easy to try and open up again.  Love that has ended must be treated as a death. We must bury it and mourn it and then let it go.  These are stages which are important and need to be respected.  The wonderful part of all of this is that in the letting go, what we are really doing is making space for something else to come in.  Now of course what you let in is of your choosing. The universe will present to you many different options. Each option has a different purpose. There are those options which you have which will be ones to help you learn a lesson (perhaps one which you have not already learned and there for  you will choose this option to repeat said lesson until it is learned) or there are those options which are meant for you to choose to bring you to your higher and best good as well, but in a more (shall we say) pleasant way 🙂

Either way..  whatever comes to you and in whatever timing it comes. Do not question it. Do not analyze it until you have beaten it into the ground as something you cannot identify any longer.  Just let things flow to you and then you make the call to jump or pass. It does not mean that another opportunity will not come. It simply means that an opportunity is here for you to choose.

So when you are ready – open your mind, open your heart and open your soul. I know it sounds scary because there is also that chance for hurt. However, “nothing ventured… nothing gained”

Sending you all LOVE and LIGHT!!



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