Amazing things are yet to come!


So often I have clients who come to me seeking support and help in times where there is great change. I use the word change, but often they use the word ending. It could be the ending of a relationship, the ending of a job, the ending of a life. In reality however there is no real ending, as we are always moving toward the next phase.
Even when it feels as if there is a great ending that you must now be accepting, I proposed to focus instead on all that is yet to come rather than that which is no more.
All that we have is now. And focusing on what was will change nothing and focusing on what might be is not yet written.
So it is my heartfelt suggestion to you today whether you are facing an ending of something unexpected or you are considering an ending soon. Focus not on that which was, but rather face the new day with great expectation of some wonderful half which the universe has laid out for you. Have nothing but faith that all will be well and you are always being moved to your highest and best good. Faith is the ability to believe even when you don’t have the physical evidence before you.
So take this day to see that whatever in your life currently is finishing is really truly the beginning of something amazing yet to come.


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