What if???


What if we got up each day and really really decided to be the maker of our reality? What if we turned back the dial in our mind to a time when jumping from couch to chair in the living room  as not to fall into the molten “lava” bellow was just normal for the day? What if we chose to consistently find the good in EVERYTHING, much to the annoyance of several people around us? What if we decided to just FEEL happy even when there are situations around us which other people wish us to label as bad or hard or negative? What if we wake up and just say our gratitude for the great day ahead as if we already had it? What if we just accept reality as just being a place where everything goes well for me all the time? What if we choose to just not focus on the things which seem out of alignment with our energy? What if we decide instead to focus on all the positives, the solutions and the good feeling thoughts? What if my reality becomes whatever i choose it to be and “what is” is whatever i say it is?
What if i started now?
What if i just chose one thought right now that feels better?
What if i smile for no reason?
What if it is all up to me?
If the answer to any of these questions results in an answer that feels magical and joyful… then choose to shift your reality today.

Sending You All Love and Light from my wonderful reality to yours…



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