Finding Peace – Piece by Piece

 friedlich People i coach often ask me how can they be more peaceful. There is often this “search” for peace as if it was something which exists externally from us. It is this constant goal that many believe is achievable when conditions are right. For example …”if i have enough money in the bank, i will feel peaceful. If i just knew that my health was in order, i would be peaceful. if i could just quit my job/win the lottery, i would be peaceful.  If my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/kid/parent would just be better to me, i would be peaceful.”

In the world of attraction only like attracts unto itself like.  So you cannot get to peace if your heart and soul is filled with unrest. If you want peace create your peace now, piece by piece and watch as the universe fills the rest in. What do i mean by this? What i mean is take some time each day to find any moment in time that allows you a sense of peace. Is it the walk with your dog, the 30min yoga, the 15min break to play a game on your phone, the first cup of coffee before the house wakes up, the exhausted feeling laying in bed watching cheesy tv, or perhaps even just the first few minutes waking up before the day “begins”. Whatever your moment of peace is, hold on to it, feel yourself enjoying it and go back to that feeling you had in that moment as often as you can during the day. Play a game of trying to find pieces of the day where you can enjoy a feeling of peace. Whatever it means to you, the important thing is how you feel. The universe will only respond to how you feel. Not what you think or say (unless the feeling is attached to it).  So give your self as many minutes a day of peace as you can find. The more often you practice the easier it gets.

Before you know it peace is something YOU can create any time and any day.  Once you have that kind of power of attraction just sit back and wait to see what else the universe starts to unfold toward you to amplify and strengthen your sense of peace.

So find your piece of peace today and make it your own!  I believe in you 🙂

sending you peace and love




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