I want to focus on not focusing on what i dont want to focus on :)

Sounds  like a BIG mess.  You know what? It is!

Let’s break it down to make it really simple for today.

If there is something that you really really DONT want to have happen, losing money, losing health, breaking up, fighting with family, feeling sad, being late, losing a job, staying  in a job, not feeling better, etc, etc..

Now that we ALL know what we don’t want. Stop giving attention to it. That means instead of saying i really hope that i dont lose my job, think about the things that you like about your job or what you pride yourself on what you do well or BETTER YET, dont even think about anything related to work. Sitting around and and bringing energy to an idea of something you dont want wont make your chances of it not happening better. So focus on ANYTHING totally unrelated, but brings you a feeling of joy. It could be a bowl of strawberries you are going to enjoy, could be a walk in the park, could be a hug from someone you love, could be a swim in the beach.

The point is, STOP focusing on what you dont want. Trust me the universe already knows how much you DONT want that thing to happen, so focus your energy on being happy where you are now, live in the moment and enjoy. The more enjoyment you feel and the more peace you experience the more of THAT good stuff you will pull towards you.

You can do it! So go out there and enjoy anything and EVERYTHING you can today. You deserve it.

Sending you all love and fun!



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