Resolution Solution – How to Keep your Resolutions This Year!

resolutionsThere are many reasons why resolutions fail each year.
Here are some ways to make sure this time your resolutions stick!

  • Making Goals which are unrealistic in a given time frame or just very vague –  With the prospect of a new year and new possibilities, people can get very excited and want to make a lot of major life changes in a short period of time. Often people want to undo a life time of bad habits in a week or two. Be specific, saying, “I want to get fit this year”, is a great resolution, but doomed to fail with out specificity. What does getting fit mean to you? Is it losing weight, fitting into a specific pair of jeans,toning up, maybe just walking up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath.
  • Motivation is enough –Motivation may be that feeling that sparks you to want to make the changes, but without small successes and interim goals, motivation is hard thing to keep up all year long. Break your larger goal into bite size pieces and learn to reward yourself along the way and you will find new motivation daily!
  • We only think big. – People only think in large terms that are often unrealistic – like losing lots of weight or making a major life change, he said.
  • Learn to embrace the change – Resolutions are meant to break us out of the norm, better ourselves to be what we believe we have the potential to be and to not do today what we did yesterday. That is CHANGE and it is scary and even GOOD change (like a wedding, baby or starting a new career) can be scary. So when you feel nervous, let that energy be positive and realize that it means you are on your way to reaching your goals!

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