3 easy steps to help make decisions more easily

Hello All!

I have had a lot of questions lately from clients asking for some advice on making decisions more quickly and efficiently.  Although i have spoken previously as fear vs love decisions and the practice of visualizing how you vibrate in relation to your considerations (tweaking your inner compass), today are 3 helpful suggestions that just might save you a bundle o’ time 🙂

1. Less is more! Use your inner guide from step one above and allow yourself to feel more and more comfortable with using these FEELINGS to decide. Do not spend more than 18min at a time thinking about your decision after you have done the light exercise above. Do not OVER research, OVER think or OVER analyze. 18min and move on.

entscheidung2. Give yourself a date for decision making. Pushing off and off into the future can only make the process more difficult. Make a firm date to have your decision made by and stick to it. Then the decision is made and let go and let yourself be guided from that point forward.

3.  So, sometimes you made decisions and it didn’t go the way you hoped. That doesn’t mean the decision was incorrect. It was what you needed at that time. We cannot know all the possibilities of all that is to come and change our lives. What we do know however is that from everything in life there is a lesson to learn, whether it is to learn to enjoy more of what makes us happy, to stress less and let go more, to know that decisions made in connection are the best or sometimes just to learn not to do THAT again J Whatever you feel and experience, let that help you in the future to steer you toward your greater goal and your higher good. There is no wrong or right decision, only experiences to learn from. So give yourself a break!


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