The screaming tirade of  NOW NOW NOW, from the little toddler that can send most adults reeling.

However, even in the seed of this somewhat negative sounding and often shrill cry from the tiny ones, there is a lesson to be learned.

What is Now? Well, quite honestly it is all that we have. All we ever really have as we move through this life in the form of flesh and blood is just now.

The small child living in the moment of now, in an egotistical world focusing on the moment she is in without thought of how she was a month or a year ago and not concerned with what will happen a year from now. How foreign these concepts are to them!

live in the now Today i give you a little challenge. See if you can force yourself to bring your thoughts back into the now all day today. 24 hours of a past/future fast 🙂  Anytime your mind starts to go into a swirl of thoughts of how you used to look, feel, think, what you “should” have said, done, been – what you used to do, weigh, eat etc.. let it go and come back to now.  Anytime you start to ponder the possibilities of what will happen if…, and i need to plan for that, and what if he does this? and what if she says that? what if i leave my job, what if i have a child, where should i live? …  let it go and come back to now.

I know it is nothing new, but neither are wheels, but that doesn’t stop us from using them on a daily basis 😉

I often tell my clients that if you really have a hard time with this exercise to just imagine that you are watching a movie as you look at your day. There is no future or past because it is just a film playing out before your eyes.  We are so involved in the story line that we forget we are sitting in a dark theater surrounded by strangers and we are nothing thinking about the scenes that happened 10min into the film nor are we ignoring what we are watching on this big giant screen in front of us to consider every way it could end. Instead we just watch the now and with a sense of giddy glee await what the next now moment will bring. How odd, that it is so easy to ignore our life happening before our eyes on a moment to moment basis as we focus on the past or possible future!!

So good luck today with this assignment. If you feel moved to do so, i would love to hear about your experiences with this challenge.

No worries, i will do it with you 🙂 We none of us cannot use a little reminding to practice what we preach!

Be well everyone and enjoy this life NOW!!



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