success  I found this on the internet yesterday. I thought it was completely brilliant and needed to be shared. This is so true and the more we realize that the path to success is more circuitous than it is straight, the calmer we will be about the twists and turns and bumps in the road.  The important thing to note in this picture is that the starting point and the end point are the same. We can wish that everything will happen in our way and in our time, but truly everything will happen the WAY it is meant to be and in the TIME it is meant to happen. It is up to us to start learning to go with the flow instead of swimming against it. Don’t beat yourself up for lofty ideas of when things should have been or how things should have happened, because truly in the end your success will only depend on one simple thing.  Never give up.

So embrace Magellan’s route and enjoy the ride..



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