What i Feel, I make Real!

Thoughts become Things..    I know you have heard it before, but take a moment to really let it sync in.  Thoughts are Things.  What if you really truly were able to see this happen instantaneously? Would you be more careful with the power of your thoughts? Image

What would you do if every time you thought something negative an actual shackle would appear around your leg? What would you do one your entire leg was weighted down with one shackle after another? Would you let your second leg becomes shackled as well? How long would you continue to weight yourself down until you could no longer move?

What if every positive thought removed a shackle? Would you begin to free yourself? Would you lift the weight that keeps you down? What if all your shackles were gone and every positive thought created for you a free space for you to move forward on like a square on the game of life? If every step brings  you closer to your heart’s desires, your higher self, your property, your health, your success, your happiness- would you not be more generous with your positive thoughts? 

So we live in a world of instant gratification and because we do not see or feel an instantaneous shackle around our legs or a magical ticket that appears in our hand to guarantee another step closer to our happiness we are too careless with our thoughts.

So today i propose this to you. Treat your words and your thoughts and the magical and precious THINGS which they are.  Be sparingly and cautious with any negative ones and be generous with your positive thoughts and words.  If you must:  imagine your own shackles forming or your own happiness tickets being printed. 

Because even if you are not seeing with your eyes these weights or these spaces being created, they are there. You ARE being weighted down by your thoughts based in fear, worry, anger, etc. You are being made lighter by your positive thoughts of happiness, peace and love. 

Try it out.  Even if you focus just for a day. You will like what you feel and you will want to keep on..  Make it a habit for life.

Feel free to share with me and others what this daily practice does for you. Let your habits become the habits of others, as contagious as a smile 🙂

Good Luck everyone..

Be Well,




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