Living in the past of my future

Now, Now, NOW!!  How impermanent and evasive is that word and that state.  When is now? Is now the moment as i type this blog or is now the moment as you are reading this, some time in my future?

I know, it’s all relative, so why give it a second thought.

Only for this purpose today, just let go and live.  How many times a day do i have people come to me recalling the negative events of the morning, yesterday, an hour ago or even 10 years ago. Giving time and attention and energy to the memory of times already gone. And to what end? I guess in many cases it is human to want to commiserate, share, compare one’s negative experiences with someone else. Sometimes it can be effective to at least take a look back and remember the situation and then find a way to learn from it moving forward – as every situation has a lesson to learn. However just drudging up the past continually and giving your focus and your energy to something which has happened and can no longer be changed, is truly not the most effective use of one’s time.  If where I am now is minutes, hours, days or even years away from where i was at the time of the event, then my only focus should be on what i am going to do in the future and how i am feeling right now.

Turn off that broken record in your mind , or perhaps for the youth of today i should say turn your Itunes of loop, and stop looking back. Do you find yourself replaying images, conversations, situations, etc in your mind over and over again?  If you need to find the lesson in the story, then fall asleep. Ok, not if you are driving or working heavy machinery, just put it out of your mind, go to sleep and let the answers come to you. They may not come to you on YOUR schedule, but when the universe sees fit, you will know.  In the mean time just let go. Live in the moment and focus on what you have to do now, not what coulda, shoulda, woulda.

So if you must live in the past. Just live in the past of your future..  you’ll find it a present worth opening 🙂



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