Tip#1 for getting by in a tough workplace – Or – the “I’m rubber…” Theory

MobbingYou would be amazed at how much you really effect the world around you. We honestly and truly make our own world. Don’t believe me? Try this out. I have done it several times myself and have suggested it to my clients and had AMAZING results. Do you have difficult co-workers, a difficult boss, a negative work environment?  Go in to work tomorrow and send out vibrations of love and positive energy. Do this to everyone you see, co-workers, boss, all. They say in Buddhism that the road to endless compassion is to see that the more nasty, obnoxious, mean and rough the person before you is, it is a product of how miserable their own life is. Feel compassion for those who are this way because you know that your own life is WAY better than theirs is.

The change can be instantaneous, the change can take some weeks, but you will be amazed as the change does come. Before you know it, the place you are dreading to show up each day becomes a place of positive reinforcement and fun.

I worked for a cantankerous older gentleman who spent everyday thinking up the most useless tasks for me to do, complaining that i didn’t do them fast enough and telling the manager every week that he was considering letting me go because he paid me too much. I went through months like this, feeling frustrated and insecure. He even started yelling at me on a weekly basis! I would go home at night in tears and begging the universe to help me find another job.

One day i went to a fellow coach who recommended to me what i am recommending to you now. I am not exaggerating when i tell you that not even one week after i started to project nothing but positive energy and light did the change start to occur. Before i knew it he was telling me stories of how his family forgot him on holidays and birthdays and even when he went for surgery. Soon my compassion swelled as i saw this little old man no longer as a growling ogre, but rather a sad lonely man who was hurting. The end of my first week of mentally showering him with love, i left for the weekend and he blew me a kiss from his desk wishing me a great weekend.

Now it is a year later and although i have moved on to another job which was always my intention as this was just a temporary position, i know still work with him in another capacity and he always greets me with a smile and a hug. From what i hear too he tells the new staff about me and how amazing i was and how much he wishes they could be more like me 🙂

Give it a try! You get back what you give out


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